Cap - One hour project 3

Earlier we have posted about the plain capwhich we could finish almost an hour. Knitting a cap in an hour is not that hard and it do not have to be plain all the time also. Because this time one hour cap, which is top to down knitting, is going to be loaded with pattern that catches eyes. 

Like before we need a pair of thick needle, double wool - here I have gone for one multi color and one off-white color and an easy pattern [ cable knit ] to complete our cap. Of course, a TV to engage your mind all the time.  To start this cap all you need is 19 loops on your needle. 

Once we cast 19 loops on our needle then we knit it straight from front side.
First row : Knit straight, all the row.  We increase one loop every time we knit three loops. At the end of the row we increase 6 loops in total.

Second row : In the beginning of back row knit one loop straight then two purl and two straight, then repeat two purl and two straight knitting entire row.

Third row : Knit two purl, two straight and the…

Planned and Unplanned Blanket

Ever since I saw the work of Swelta and her beautiful work on sweater, I am so not happy with the work I do in my blanket. Yes I have to admit it, its only the blanket that I would like to do as good as she does in her sweater. I might be long away on my path to make such perfect and beautiful art in my wool works. She is so creative in her work that in my personal opinion, she is the world's most creative knitter we have come across. Sure, there are people who do good work but she comes up with the beautiful art in her work again and again and again. that makes her genius.  
I guess if I compare my work with her I might end up being so unsatisfied. However, there is a vast difference between the kind of work we do which is well planned and which is not planned; before we start our work. I came to know about this when I made some blankets for charity and it was rough and then I sat down in my computer with many theme in my mind. I spent weeks and months not just hours on this work …

Cap - one hour project 4

There are times making a cap will take forever and we may not like the end result and there are times when making a cap takes just a little more than an hour and yet we can use it for the next ten years to come. Just because its fast to finish does not mean it is plain and boring looking. We can make a cap full of pattern and finish it just in time.

For one hour and 15 minutes cap all we need is :

Double wool [mixing two thin yarns].Thick needle.Easy and simple pattern.A TV that runs your favorite program on it.
This caps falls on Top to down knitting methods for a cap. On this knitting method as we go up, the loops on needle will keep increasing. Therefore we start with 19 loops on our needle for a cap like this.

First  row : Knit entire row straight. However, we increase one loop every time we knit three loops when we continue knitting straight. By the end of the row we increase 6 loops in total.
Second row : Back row we knit one straight two purl and then two straight two purl an…

How to make a pompom

When we see a well done pompom it looks like so beautiful and when we are still learning it looks like we cant do that good pompom on yourself. but making pompom is not that hard as it looks like. Yes all you need is some knowledge how to do it. here is what I tell you what you need to make a pompom.

First of all all you need is a round paper cuts where you can roll many or a same color wool, so that; you can make a nice pompom. Here in Nepal we cant buy this dice so we have to make it cutting the used cartoons and drawing a round using compass. make couple of it as it has very short life and you need another very soon, if if only you make multiple pompom at a time like I do. Oh, I need it for charity knitting. I bet children loves it.

now see this picture very carefully, as it gives you idea how to cover the paper dice with wool. if you see it closely you will find that I have used four threads at a time. oh that is because I am lazy but very smart to do my work at speed I want from my…

Things we can do with leftover wool balls

When you are a knitter and constantly knitting, there will be loads of small wool  balls and you don't know exactly, what to do with it. I also used to be in that group who wonder what to do with all these wool. But, because I have found a solution to this so, now a days I do not need to get worried that I have plenty of small wool balls. We can do many things with those wool stacks. Of that many things, three ways of using is the most useful ways to finish those wool stacks. 

Pompom : Of all the things one thing which we can make out of those remaining wool stack is pompom we can make pompom using one color or using many colors at the same time. The choice is yours. The good part of this is it saves our time also. because we do this when we have plenty of time and when we are busy making cap then comes as very handy to have a ready made pompom then. Sometimes this is the pompom that makes the determination which color cap I should make next.

Being creative  : Using a different colo…

Round cap - Braid knit Pattern

Top to down cap is easy in so many ways than just one and best part of it we canstart it with just 19 loops or under that and that is what excites me more than anything to start a new project in hand, if its a cap. Round cap and trying a good pattern on it is not that easy compared to other methods of knitting a cap. If you are new to this way of knitting a cap then you might get confuse to try some patterns on it. But once you are used to of adjusting with working a pattern when there is not sufficient loops to work for your pattern then slowly you will get it. Because we will get what we want to if we put our time and effort on it tirelessly. Because i have put many hours doing this so I am going to tell you so that when you want to try this it will be easier for you to try your hands on this.
Here is easy step by step instructions on how to make this cap with braid knit pattern ?  
In the beginning you should start casting 19 loops on your needle.  First row : Knit Straight the whol…

Baby Blankets

Blanket is one of the most easiest task when it comes to knitting a project. There are hundred of ways to make a blanket. Many prefer  it with pattern, however patterned work is bit complex for a beginner. Here my intention of this post is how can a beginner can make an attractive blanket, which means without much hassle.
Normally, a baby blanket requires 90 or 110 loops. 90 loops if you go for thicker wool and 110 if you go for medium size wool. But the main point is the size of it has to  be 22 inch side and length has to be 24 - 26 inch. How many loops we keep decide the side of it and how many rows we knit will decide the length of it.
Here on the first blanket I have gone for a double wool, a thinker needle, which is two size up from 4 mm and 88 loops and 81 rows. I prefer this knitting for blanket and this knitting is called garter stitch in some nation; where as I grew up calling it straight from both sides. In this bordered blanket first I knitted 16 rows and then changed the ce…

A hole in the center

if you are a seasoned knitter plain knitting and a knit project do not suit. And when it comes to learning new pattern there is no end to this work. But, I like to pick the kind of pattern which is easy to learn, nice to look at and also eye catching. otherwise I do not like giving my time learning new patterns. 

This is the kind of pattern I like to do when I knit a cap. This is  also a good pattern for a sweater, as a main pattern or mixing it with other patterns. The nature of this pattern is so good that you can mix it with many other patterns, big or small one like this. this is sure easy and nice to catch attention also. Not much people can copy it easily even though its not that hard to learn. 
All you have to do is allot three loops for this and separate it with two purl from each side all the time. Here in this cap I have gone with 52 loops. 

10 x 3 = 30 for pattern and 
11 x 2 for purl which separates this pattern.
Front row : knit two purl and three straight entire row. Follow a…