How to do leaf pattern ?

There are times you have some interesting pattern in your hand and you cant stop doing your project even if you want to stop it, to go even for loo or to see someone who lives nearby your home. For me this is that pattern. That 'cant stop it' will turn to be more true if you are knitting it with the color of your choice.  

I like it because the new leaves keep coming when the old leaves keep finishing or dying. That keeps your mind more occupied than anything; which will not allow you to feel bored. We at this part of the world call it leaf pattern. I guess some of you may call it lace pattern.

This pattern is best for neck warmer than sweater or cap. If you have gone through our earlier post which lets you understand how to understand symbols when we make pattern then its good, that post can be found under the title of decoding signs. That post will make it  a lot easier for you to understand patterns much more easier than you think it takes to learn a patter. Let me warn you a…

How to make nice leaf with a tweak on knit work ?

There is no doubt that one of the must learn pattern in knit work is leaf. There are plenty of ways to create leaf in your knit works but some are too complex and some are not that complex. 




Note : 
This is nine loops leaf and you need four purls on each side of the leaf to highlight it.O sign means increase one loop.This dash sign should tell you knit purl when you see it and rest all straight knitting.Three loops gap in the center is for a pattern that has three loops to separate the two leafs as well and make it a more attractive pattern. 


Creating V on Cap

Multi color work is my choice to kill boredom and also for colorful and delightful work. It is because I always tend to go for bright and vibrant color every time I go for color. have not I told you again and again plain knitting is boring and I must do something that is different than the rest of the people who walks on the street. I hope I make my mark here but I would like to share how to do this with you all. 

Start with a cast 52 loops, on 6/7 mm needle 6 ply medium yarn. There are times I go with mix of needle instead of one set of wool. Knit all straight from the front row. all the time. Knit one straight one purl from the back row and alter it on every row, I mean only from the back. After knitting like this for 8 double row [ back and forth] add new color yarn that is contrast yet matching color and knit 13 loops with new yarn. For the last two loops use the separate balls of the same color yarn that you started to knit your project. When you knit follow the draft and move the work…

Creating a square in a Sweater

Once you learn how to knit, for the most peoples the ultimate goal is to make a nice sweater that gets lots of compliment. Making a perfect sweater is the goal for most of the knitters if not for all. It's a natural, if to some knitters, making a sweater is bit of hard task and to some this is as easy as drinking water. Before they come to this point, all the knitters have gone through lots of do and undo of many knit works for years. Only then, they have come to this point of easy as drinking water to knit a sweater. If you are trying to learn which one is the most easiest way to make a sweater without much hard work then this is the post you are looking for many years. Especially, if you do not know much of patterns yet you would like to make a sweater that is catches everyone eyes when you walk out from your home.
To make one such simple yet catchy sweater which you would like to wear for many years to come. From the very beginning this is one straight and one purl [ backward…

Cowl in an hour

Finishing a neck warmer that last for years can be done in just a little more than an hour. And just because it finishes in an hour does not mean it has to be plain and boring. all we have to do is it will last more than ten years. I have been using some of it.  

For 75 minutes cowl all we need is :
Double wool [mixing two thin wool or yarn]. Thick needle [ 2 size up from 4 mm needle, the one I have is japanese and it read 8mm for jumbo size]. I am telling you this if you are seasoned knitter like me 8mm needle wont permit us to finish anything near in an hour.  Easy combination of pattern that go well together. Most important part of this 75 minute knitting project is a TV or a youtube program that runs your favorite show on it. 
We combine with two pattern that we have already done in our previous shows and we have combined it with pattern or sometimes we have done it single. As for the cowl you can choose any color of wool of your choice.

We start with 33 loops. is not thi…

Two square in a cap

Let me share this fact with you, two color work is a lot better than working on a single color. Sure at times it might be bit hard but that is until we get used to of it. Have not I been repeating working on single color is simply a boring work. Besides, it takes too much time as working on two color is excitement and the work finishes faster than we think it will.  That is the reason I keep working on two color and keep find new ways to find better way to play with color. Here is one I would like to give all those who love to do what I have been sharing with you all.                                                                                     You can cast 45 loops, on 4 mm needle 6 ply yarn. ( 52 loops if you pick up 7 mm needle and medium size yarn yes 6 ply. You knit one straight one purl from the front row You knit all straight from the back row. After knitting 9 rows [ back and forth ] take two new balls of wool here in ths case one red and one black. Then after knitting twent…

World's Most Creative Knitter

There  are some knitters who are not just best but brilliant when it comes to outcome of their knit works. Some of us do a good work once and some of us learn a good pattern once but we have people among us a knitter who's  creative works have been capturing us for many years. No wonder, she has her own shop on etsy if you would like to buy her work for your young loved ones then it's easy for you. ​

Last year, when I posted about the most creative knitter some women were resentful about this title going to Swelta; as she is in our facebook with this name regardless of her real name being different than this. ​

I am now ready to stand in her defence as I am keeping my eyes on her for almost two years by now. I can give a reason or two to all those who do not like this title going to her. However, now I am exposed to the knitters around the world and I think those more than 12 dosens facebook page plus google plus group expose me to hundred of thousands knitters everyday and ever…

Let's create new pattern

We all like to knit and knitting a cap is just one of the most done work. I have been doing one cap a month for almost a year now and every time I would like to give something new. Have you paid attention to the fact that even then we do cap every month, one month I talk about cap with a pattern and alternate month, I post a cap with graphic works. It may be cap but my pure intention is to share new ideas and pattern with you all. 

Have you noticed that its much faster to knit pattern with full of work rather than plain and boring. Plain may be easy but it drags on and you do not want to touch once you start it. So, to kill the boredom you have to have a pattern that interest you and you would want to see it done as soon as you start it. 

In July we posted cap with a diamond shape pattern on it, some may call it aran knitting. So, if you know that pattern then it will be a lot easier for you to follow this pattern as this one us just the half of that pattern. Oh yes, we have added a sma…