How to make a pompom

When we see a well done pompom it looks like so beautiful and when we are still learning it looks like we cant do that good pompom on yourself. but making pompom is not that hard as it looks like. Yes all you need is some knowledge how to do it. here is what I tell you what you need to make a pompom.

First of all all you need is a round paper cuts where you can roll many or a same color wool, so that; you can make a nice pompom. Here in Nepal we cant buy this dice so we have to make it cutting the used cartoons and drawing a round using compass. make couple of it as it has very short life and you need another very soon, if if only you make multiple pompom at a time like I do. Oh, I need it for charity knitting. I bet children loves it.

now see this picture very carefully, as it gives you idea how to cover the paper dice with wool. if you see it closely you will find that I have used four threads at a time. oh that is because I am lazy but very smart to do my work at speed I want from my…

Three color check work

Working on multi color, which is bright and vibrant color is good for eyes and health. Its good and makes us feel good about yourself as well as work we create. You can get the attention without a word. you can turn people without a single effort. Now you can do it also and here is how you can do to create it.
If you are new in working double color wool then check is good to start with. take two color wool balls. It could be same color different shade or two contrast color, choice is yours. start with 44 loops, on 4 mm needle 6 ply yarn. As in the draft cast 22 loops with each two different color. Knit entire row straight from front and when you reach the center of it remember to cross the wool from back row when you change color. Knit two straight and two purl from the back row, when you change color from the center remember to cross the wool once before you knit the next loop. To make sure you get four square of each color, you have to measure your first two squares. make it almost 4 inc…

Pattern for Summer

There are some pattern which is so summery in its look and there are some patterns which is so wintry before anyone tells you so. Some calls the lacy patterns summery and its good if you try it in anything you make and use it when the weather is not so cold yet you need some warm dress when you go out. Is not this strange this year we really have not been able to completely rid from our winter cloths ! I bet this is not the condition just in our country. 

This climate change is taking everyone by surprise. I made one head scarf for Dipina using this pattern and gave it to her after two months of usual winter  time and yet she loved flaunting it. Many times we have posted on sign to understand the patterns, so that you can understand it without much word used. here I have given you the one more chart so that you can copy it without much problem. 

For this you need 37 loops. 37 is the perfect number of loops as you can use it for a center of pullover or on the sides of a cardigan. You can…

Many Types of Neck Lines

There were times when I used to finish a sweater in no time and then used to get stuck up for more than a week just to give it a fine shape. When I say fine shape that means  what to do with a neckline on my sweater ?  I always used to have something in my head before hand that I will do this but when I actually did what had in my head, the result was never a satisfactory one. No wonder, it used to prolong the time to complete my sweater. 

Thank God, time have passed so much making me all so confident in what shape I do in my neckline now that makes me able to post this about the necklines.
Round or V shape is one of the most common necklines, but when you do it as passion you do get bored with such types of sweater year after year. I used to make sweater every year even if I did not needed one for myself as making it was pure a passion; so, I started trying all types of neck lines and wore once in my life. There were times I tried some style just for the shake of trying. 

Like I said, y…

Flower Work on cap

All of you know by now I love graphic works on my wool works. For me two color work is much more interesting and less hassles than multi color work. For this you need one light and one dark color; which shade will be your choice but make sure that the flower will be distinct once your work is done. here are the step by step process to create the work. 

You can cast 52 loops, on 7 mm needle 6 ply yarn. ( 45 loops if you pick up 4 mm needle with bit thicker yarn, yes 6 ply ). Knit two rows with fisherman's knitting which is three straight one purl from both side. What you have to keep in mind is the one purl has to be the center of three purl from other side. On third row when you reach end of the needle, add new different color wool for last two loops. Here I went for the lighter shade of purple. Stick with this simple texture all the way, this will allow you to focus on your graphic work of this flower pattern.   Now every time you knit the rows the light color of purple keeps incre…

Three easy steps to make an attractive Pompom

In our earlier post we have written in detail that there are many ways to make a pom pom. However this time this is so easy that you can teach it to your young girls. She will not feel bore or exploited if you tell her to do it.

There were times making a pompom was not that easy, especially if you really have to use the dice. It felt that the pom pom made without the dice did not look that attractive as we wanted to make. But, that thought was unchecked and was not practical. Only seems that we all needs to practice and master the hardest work and then all they say it wow it looks so nice but it must be hard and I do not know how to make it.

Roll it in your hand : Using your hands to roll wool to make pompom is one of the easiest way. When you have hand full of  wool then pull it off from your hand and then tie it from center and tie it from both side tightly so that wool wont fall off the lot when you cut it from the sides and trim it short.

Cut the joins from the side :  once you have …

Three Halter Neck Made Using Wool

Recently when I posted a work of mine telling about how to shape a border, I got one comment that gave me some idea. Although that comment inquired is this the bottom of a bikini ? that forced me to think about that ? I thought will people wear if they can make bikini out of a wool ? Don't people use bikini during spring and summer time to cool the body and wool is not something that goes with summer time. Am I right to think like this that we cant wear woolen wear during the summer time or when its still chill in the air.

There are some people who may wonder; suppose if you make it when are you going to wear it ? I mean which season ? Well I would like to leave it up to you and your decision.

All of these three designs are made using the side knitting patter not the top to bottom methods of normal knitting. You must have read me time and again in my post here that side ways knitting allows you to explore your creating side than the top to bottom. Most of the pattern work which is n…

How to do leaf pattern ?

There are times you have some interesting pattern in your hand and you cant stop doing your project even if you want to stop it, to go even for loo or to see someone who lives nearby your home. For me this is that pattern. That 'cant stop it' will turn to be more true if you are knitting it with the color of your choice.  

I like it because the new leaves keep coming when the old leaves keep finishing or dying. That keeps your mind more occupied than anything; which will not allow you to feel bored. We at this part of the world call it leaf pattern. I guess some of you may call it lace pattern.

This pattern is best for neck warmer than sweater or cap. If you have gone through our earlier post which lets you understand how to understand symbols when we make pattern then its good, that post can be found under the title of decoding signs. That post will make it  a lot easier for you to understand patterns much more easier than you think it takes to learn a patter. Let me warn you a…