Cap - One hour project 3

Earlier we have posted about the plain capwhich we could finish almost an hour. Knitting a cap in an hour is not that hard and it do not have to be plain all the time also. Because this time one hour cap, which is top to down knitting, is going to be loaded with pattern that catches eyes. 

Like before we need a pair of thick needle, double wool - here I have gone for one multi color and one off-white color and an easy pattern [ cable knit ] to complete our cap. Of course, a TV to engage your mind all the time.  To start this cap all you need is 19 loops on your needle. 

Once we cast 19 loops on our needle then we knit it straight from front side.
First row : Knit straight, all the row.  We increase one loop every time we knit three loops. At the end of the row we increase 6 loops in total.

Second row : In the beginning of back row knit one loop straight then two purl and two straight, then repeat two purl and two straight knitting entire row.

Third row : Knit two purl, two straight and the…

Cap - Check work

Check work on your wool is one of the easiest to create design on two color and you can pick any color of your choice for this. as you have seen I go for the two bright or the most contrast color for the project. I go for the contrast as it catches eyes faster than the other color.
Here what I have done is I have caste 26 loops of each color in one needle and then knitted it using seeds pattern. I prefer to call it textured knitting. 
After that I have knitted twelve rows on each color before I have switched the sides of color. That twelve rows will be almost four inch in length but not four inch exactly. This saves you time to take measurement every now and then. Then I knitted it again using the same easy and textured knitting which is called seed stitch by some people.
Every time I switch sides of the color you can see it in the picture # 2 how it looks like before it and then after that I knit it.
you must be knowing it  seed stitch is one row straight knitting  and one row which will…

Three shades of Brown

There are times we run out of pattern and do not know what to do next when we want to do a new project. That is the time I try something new. We can try this shades in many texture but here I have gone in fisherman's knitting. I go with 5 mm needle and thicker wool.
You can cast loops as you need in your needle and in my case I go from 100 - 112 depending on the thickness of wool.
Take three shades of brown or any color of your choice wool. Here I am going from dark to lighter shades of brown. Once I knit 5 inch using the same color without border then I add new color which shade is two to three shade lighter than the one I picked at first. I keep adding them one from each side of the sweater. One loop at a time we go inside of the side of a sweater. At this time you need 3 balls of wool. One for a center color that keep decreasing slowly as we keep adding one loop at a time from each side of row as we keep knitting side of a sweater. Two lighter shades from the sides and one darker…

Socks you can make it !

Knitting socks takes only about four hours but it last more than 2 years. There was time I used to use four needles to make socks but then ultimately I came up with two needles socks without much hassles. I go for two types of socks making process one is simple without heel and another is not so simple. We can also say it there are two types of socks making process one is easy and another is not so easy or lets say it in another way one is for beginners and another for seasoned knitters. Sure, both works fine in every way. It's  only that we take pride in knowing a better version of making a socks that we can use in house as well as out of the house.
Socks with heel : I call this socks making not so easy to make one. For this I take 7 mm pair of needle and go with 40 loops for each sock on my needle. I have the habit of knitting both socks at the same time, instead of knitting one by one. This is because, I have very bad memory power. If I do this I can reduce the mistake that mig…

What is the fasted work on needle ?

To some knitting is a tough job but for to those who love knitting, its not a job at all. And no wonder we can do some work in no time which may take some lots of time. Before this also we have done many an hour project to complete it. Cap an hour project have been one of the most read and liked by our readers. It may take an hour to make it but it will last more than ten years regardless of time we put on it.  That is why I keep saying if you see a mistake correct it then and there or its going to last forever to remind you how careless you are or how shortsighted you have been then who could not see it lasting for more than a decade. Its not just a cap or cowl we can finish within an hour but there are many other things which we can finish in an hour.  Wool patch, socks, cap and cowl [ neck warmers] are the work that can be done within an hours. Two hours work : There are some work we can finish within couple of hours such as cap,  socks, cowl [ neck warmers], wool patches for a blan…

Woolen Blanket

Truth be told, I am not that comfortable to stay overnight with a friend’s place. It could be my habit or this is something I have hardly done as a child growing up in Bal Mandir. Going out and staying overnight was not the common practice there. It is hard to say why we never spend our night with anyone's place. Is it not sure that, we were not invited or we were not allowed to spend night at our friends place. Couple of years ago, I have been to a friends place for a lunch and something happened  that day which caused me along with other friends of ours to spend night at her place.

That night I was in for a shock, when  she offered me only one blanket to sleep with.  I still remember asking her, just one quilt ? won't it be cold ? Now, it was her turn to be surprised with my question. yes and one will be enough, she responded.  Our bed were prepared on a floor of a room. Four of us slept in a row. Because we were four, so I did not feel that much cold even with only one quilt…

What you want to learn ?

Lets take a short tour to what we have posted until now and what you have learned from all these posts ?
I am hoping this site of ours will help all those who come here to learn more about knitting. We have posted for both the knitters like seasoned as well as for those who are on the way of learning.
Basic Learning : If you are a beginners then you must be wondering what you should know about knitting ? what skill you acquire before you start a project in your hand. 
Bandana : it is a small and easy to practice pattern or learn graphic works yet you can use it for very long time. 

Blanket :  We have posted about the blanket, how to make blanket and wool art in blanket. 
Caps : Many of our post have been dedicated to teach our readers about the caps not just simple for beginners but also with complex patter for the seasoned knitters also. We also posted caps we can finish within an hour. we also posted about the three methods to make a cap.
Creating texture : Post like this will help yo…