Meet the most Creative knitter

Every time she post one of her creations, there will be minimum 500 like hits on it. She simply got my attention with her creative work and consistency in her creativity. She use all type of color mostly soft, bright and dim which is to crate art in her work, perfect to create always new art in sweaters she comes up. Her strength is children ware  as I have not seen a single sweater  or other product that is for adult in her facebook as well as group page she post in many group we are together.  I see so much of nature, young and wild animals in her work which suggest its exclusively  for children only.

Like many of you, I also came to know about her creative work being in facbook groups we are. Slowly, I became a fan of her. I wanted to know more about her, like who she is, where she comes from ? Who taught her ? What inspired her or which institute she went to learn all this.  Now, I know why, as she writes in her answer when I ask what is her inspiration ? Its love for her grand …

Rectangular Shape Bandana

Requirement :
One set of needle 8 mm or 7 mm three small balls of different color yarn   one measuring tape one small scissor one crochet to hide the wools on the back

Cast with 16 loops. Knit the front row straight whole line, every time. Knit the back row with two straight two back wards and keep altering the knit on every time you start back row. After 2” start adding 1 loop on each sides. keep adding a loop until you increase it to 22 loops on your needle. After this remaining 6 loops needs to be added from in-between the row. Once you have all desired number of loops on your needle, continue it until you make it to 4 in in length. Then divide it equally from the center and then add a new color of yarn from the center, two loops at a time. When adding new yarn keep overlapping the two yarn every time you change the color of yarn otherwise there may be hole in the parts you want to see it joined properly. Soon there will be only darker color on your needle ( see the picture ).

What is the big project for a beginner ?

Once a beginner knows a basic knitting skill then she can make hair band, mufflers, caps, simple socks and many more. Bigger than all this will be blanket for her. Knitting blanket requires only basic knitting skills. Unlike sweater you do not need to know much about increasing or decreasing loops on your project, nor you need to make any cuts in your work. Devoid of all this and a work that can be used for couple of years is something to take pride in for a beginners.

Although, many people use many pattern which is very complex to kin its nature to knit for a blanket. As for me I would like to stick with the basic knitting skill combined with lots of vibrant colors.
Like I posted in my earlier post there are three ways to make a blanket. One is to make small patches and later on join all in big blanket. Another will be to knit a big wool patch and then the last one is to knit a multiple patch at a time. Perhaps this third option will be too tough project for a beginners but knitting…

Shawl - an easy work

Knitting a shawl is something new to me. Its not long I have started doing it and I have never done this before until this one. Well, to be honest; with you this is my second time effort only in shawl making as first one I made a little mistake. I thought it was a little bit too small but it perfectly works as a head scarf. Needless to say, I am happy with the outcome this time. Although, I have never ever seen anyone [here in Nepal] wearing or using a shawl during winter time. However, I am hopeful now they will start wearing it soon when I start wearing it this winter. When I start wearing I guess it will be in promotion itself. 

Not knowing how to do it I started using leaf pattern. I figured that if I use this pattern. This provides me ever increasing loops which I will be in need as I go up.  

For a shawl we need to caste very few loops in the beginning. We can start it as low as seven or eleven only. As we go up two loops will keep increasing on each row [ front ] and more we go u…

Single Slant on Cap

Working on graphic work is a lot better once your hands are easy on working on two color. Working on two color is better for one more reason as it kills boredom. How good the pattern in one color is one thing but if the color that do not complement the other  color is even more boring. In that context two color graphic work is just the right answer. Use of multiple color on your work with straight knitting is good only if you are beginner. But if you are seasoned knitter then plain knitting with use of two color is just too boring. Anyone can add one more color and knit straight but slant knitting is doing something different, which not all knitters can do. And being able to do what not all can do; is what adds our pride and self esteem.

You can cast 44 loops, on 4 mm needle 6 ply yarn.   Knit one straight one purl from the front row. Knit all straight from the back row. After knitting 8 -10 rows when you start new row, start two loops with another color of your choice. Make sure that is …

Decoding Japanese Signs

when it comes to learning patterns Japanese make it look a lot easier to learn methods than rest of the world. Although, it may sounds funny to say so; because I really have not had my hands on much knit books from any part of the worlds. The problem is I cant read Japanese word. Luckily, my aunt has a friend who had been to Japanese years ago. She also had been to knit class who helped us to get these signs. Here we are sharing this knowledge with you, so that; when we talk about patternd in future you will be able to understand it so easily.
Good news is all these signs come with picture which makes you understand it much effort. I have a little more than half a dozen knit books in Japanese and It is interesting to see these signs in every catalog. I bet then we can find it on every knit book we can have our hands on which is in Japanese language. 
Vertical dash on your left hand means knit straight. 

                   The dash means knit purl.      This sign O means increase a loop.


My pride, My passion

This year, winter season did not crept slowly, but it seems it came with a jump. This is the beginning of November, not December to be so cold here in Kathmandu. I am quite not sure how cold its going to be, in the late December and beginning of the January this year. I can only guess and prepare for the worst.

Unlike for others, for me winter is; a long day as I have the habit of staying till late to give a complete look to the new work I start. I do knitting as soon as the winter creeps in. In fact, saying I do knitting is not fair , knitting is my passion & pride too. Its my favorite pass time also, which helps me to get rid from stress; so knitting is kind of a meditation for me, it works as a stress buster also. During winter season, when I watch my favorite programs on television, most of the time I find myself knitting. For me watching television and doing nothing is pure waste of time.

Its really hard for me now, to remember how young I was, when I started knitting; I could …